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Regulation and condition of submission of Listing.

General Rules:

  • Do not use ALL CAPS.

  • No sites with poor design.

  • Do not CAPITALIZE all letters in your description.

  • Do not repeat your Site's Name in your description.

  • Submit your websites to appropriate sub-categories only.

  • Do not use characters like * % # @ : ; ) $ ( = ! ? " { [ \ | < / > ~ `.

  • Only top level domains are allowed, unless you are submitting Priviledged Deep Links.

  • Your site must be in English, otherwise please submit to Misc.  Category.

  • +18, Gambling, Casino, Affiliate, or Pharmacy sites will only be accepted as priviledged Links.

  • Payment is non-refundable. We spend time reviewing and/or adjusting each listing.

  • Do not use words such as: free, best, fantastic offer, etc. No telephone numbers or dates will be allowed.

  • Take time to write a good quality and unique description. Submissions that contain errors, bad grammar will delay approval.

  • Do not use to "I", "We", "Our" or "My" in your description. Write your description as if you were describing another website.

  • Do yourself a favor and provide a unique description. Your link and future PR of the page where it will be listed will only benefit from it.

  • Links are reviewed for approval and no guarantee is made that your free link will be listed. Only Priviledged  Submissions will receive immediate attention.

  • Our editors reserve the right to make any changes to the Title, Description or Keywords of your submitted link and move it to a more appropriate category or sub-category without notice.

  • Please do not abuse this service. Any links that are not following our regulations will be rejected and deleted.

  • We do send out very occasional announcements via email and by submitting you agree to receive such emails. We do not distribute your email to any third parties.

  • Your site may be blocked or removed from our directory without prior notification if it violates the above conditions.

We will REJECT the following types of sites:

  • Sites that are under construction.

  • Sites that redirect to another site.

  • Mirror sites that have the same content under different URLs.

  • Hate, bestiality, pornography, violence, racial or ethnic intolerance, obscene or excessively profane content, illegal activity, hacking or cracking or any other sites that might be offensive to our Clients and Visitors.
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